Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ordinary Things

Sage is so lovely. And fuzzy.
I spent yesterday at home while the car was in the shop. It was glorious! I can actually see the top of my desk, walk across the kitchen floor without getting crumbs stuck to the bottom of my feet, and sit on the actual surface of the couch instead of having to perch high atop mountains of unfolded laundry. I even had time to make bread. I'll have to remember to give myself permission to stay home once in a while so that I can beat back the squalor a little more often.
It's not even officially winter, and yet I am officially finished with winter. Preemptively over it. My old nemesis, "Wintery Mix" a.k.a. "Frozen Wet Muck" made an appearance this week and abruptly ended my seasonal honeymoon phase.

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