Tuesday, November 18, 2008


T Minus 3 days!
And we'll be married!
Photo courtesy of Boramé photography

I think I've done enough bellyaching about my negligent blogging habits of late.  So I'll spare you.  But man, oh man have things been a little bit zany around here!
Last Monday night I got home from a fabulous day of teaching.  My students were all excited and making boat loads of progress, having break-throughs left and right.  All was right with the universe and I was feeling exuberant.  And then I took a look at my credit card bill.  And lo, there was a mysterious charge at the bottom.  After some investigating I learned  that some fel, fel being had hacked into my ebay AND paypal accounts.  This super-baddy had also changed my ebay password, thereby locking me out of my account.  This made it ridiculously hard to get help.  In fact, it took me three hours to get help, which in the whole scope of things, isn't really that bad.  But it felt REALLY bad at the time, especially after waiting 45 minutes on hold (web chat hold, since you can't actually speak to a person) only to get disconnected.  During this three hour period I also managed to create the image above, entitled Sad Pita, during a performance I like to call Flaming Toaster. 

I have managed to squeeze some studio time in lately.  I'm feeling extra guilty about how minimal that time has been, but I'm just so excited about the wedding extravaganza that I'm a bit of an unfocused maniac.  In any case, I added this lady:
Made this little drawing:

Sewed it onto this piece:And monkeyed around with this whole painting a whole lot more:I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow, when I will have a whole, uninterrupted day in the studio.  Huzzah!

If there's one thing that I love, it's a crafty project.  I'm not even particularly good at crafty projects, but I love them regardless.  So I've been making things for our wedding.  Like these: 

After I complete a crafty project, I like to lay it all out in the living room to admire my handiwork.  I encourage Charley to admire it too, and praise it of course.  I'm crazed, I tell you.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

non sequitur

Go Barney, go!
Barney the White House Dog vs. Reporter

I took this photo from here! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Painting Ups and Downs

While yesterday was a politically triumphant day (yay Obama!), I was feeling kind of despondent in my studio.  I worked on this collage (still in progress) for a bit:And worked and worked and worked on this piece, only to scrape out everything I did.  I was just having an icky art day:

But I got back in the groove today--I refined some things and put those flowers in on the left side.  I also think I've figured out how I want to resolve the painting.