Thursday, August 4, 2011

 Poor, neglected Birdwoman!  I miss posting regularly.  We're gearing up for a cross-country move to the Northwest Corner of Montana, so I've had to let some things (my blog, par exemple) languish a bit in order to maintain a State of Calm.  The details of our move (exact timing, where, exactly we're going to live, etc...) are taking a long time to flesh out because 1) a large corporation is involved and 2) the company is based in Europe, and therefore its employees know how to take nice long, restful vacations.

I have been working a little bit on a series of small graphite drawings.
I love where the work is headed and I have about a million ideas for more images.  Once we're settled in our new home, with things nicely tucked away and baby-proofed, I expect to have more time to work, and more time to share!