Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Little Triumph, A Little Concession

Weekend Deer

After a great, relaxing weekend it's time to get back to business!  Yesterday Adria and I spoke about our work at a meeting for Boston N.O.W. (National Organization for Women).  It was a great experience--everyone had really thought-provoking questions and they were really supportive of our work.  

And wahoo!  I finished this puppy today.  Here's a detail:

Now I need a title.  I always like my titles to add something to the piece, instead of merely describing the image.  I try to find something with a literary feel or a sing-song quality.  And double meanings are the ultimate!  

Today I also resumed work on this big guy that has been lingering in my studio for an eternity.  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for my beanstalks to grow into huge tangled vines.  It....is.....taking.....forever.  I don't think there's any way that the plants are going to grow fast enough for me to finish this piece and get it framed for my library show in May.  This smarts a little, since I really wanted to unveil a new monumental painting in addition to my smaller ones, but it will just have to wait for my August show.  Sigh.  

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Adria Arch said...

Hi Kaetlyn,
These are looking gorgeous. I am really enjoying reading the minutiae of your studio process.

BTW, thanks for mentioning me as part of NOW discussion - can you change the link to www.adriaarch.blogspot.com, as the address you listed was incorrect. Thanks so much for sharing the PR! Did you see my acknowledgement of you in my blog?