Monday, April 14, 2008

Catching Up

I have been a negligent blogger of late.  Last week was time to catch up on paper work and other icky tasks like photographing my paintings and bringing them to the framer.  I feel so much lighter and freer now that I can check these off my list!  And my bank account feels so much emptier after paying my quarterly taxes!  I did manage to finish my magnolia/pigeon painting last week.  I'm still trying to come up with a title.  The piece was inspired by the Pleiades Myth, where the handmaidens of Artemis turn into pigeons and fly into the night sky to escape Zeus' "amorous attentions."  But I can't think of a non-cheesy title that 1) alludes to the story, 2) isn't lofty (blech!) and 3) is ultimately ambiguous.  

Midnight Garden
10" x 21"
I'm very excited because I came up with a better, less windy way to take my high quality digital images of my paintings.  When I was taking slides with film, I always took them outside in the natural light.  When I switched to digital--ummm, last October--I kept the same system.  But I'm finally figuring out how to use my camera and software.  So this time I took my photos in my studio.  And I think they came out well.  I had the paintings and the computer right there, so I could adjust the color to match exactly.  Technology is awesome!
I got this alchemist's scale from a faux pirate stuff website.  Yes, I said faux pirate stuff!  It was $7.  A couple of weeks ago I heard a piece on On Point about science writer George Johnson's new book The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments.  I have yet to buy a copy, but I liked the idea of old timey science equipment.  So I got these things so I can play around with some imagery.  I have some beakers on the way as well.  

Test Tubes!

This is my favorite picture from our February trip to the Berkshires.  Charley was lounging on the giant bean bags in the Jenny Holzer exhibit at Mass Moca, when some little kids attacked!
Charley Under Seige

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