Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Success? No. Serenity? Surely.

Well, I tried.  I painted all day and into the evening until three things happened: 1) This piece finally began to take shape in a really dreamy way, 2) I realized that in order to make it great I need a few more days (as opposed to the few more hours I had allotted, and 3)  I couldn't see anymore (love that mental exhaustion!).  
Instead of stressing out I gave myself a pat on the back for working so so so so so so hard this week.  It does smart a little bit, because I have two huge pieces and two small pieces that are almost done, and I really wanted to finish them for my library show.  But I did as much as I possibly could, and I made tremendous headway.  I also have 16 other pieces ready to hang--including two new guys.  So I feel good and ready to share my work with the community.  Which is, after all, the point of all of these shenanigans.    

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