Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Proof is in the Footwear

Spring has officially sprung in New England!  As a pasty Yankee (born and bred), I am extremely cynical when it comes to the weather.  But it was 84 degrees today in Boston–I suspend my disbelief no longer!  I decided to go for a mid-morning walk around the lake at my beloved alma mater to celebrate the weather and shoot some photos for inspiration.  While I was walking I had three revelations:
1)  I need to get my hands on a zoom lens, specifically for bird shooting purposes.  Have you ever seen a grown woman trying to sneak up on a bird?  
2)  I want to become a better photographer.  Much, much better.  
3)  My paintings are largely influenced by the Wellesley campus: all of that crazily groomed nature mixed with little sculptural and architectural surprises.  Not to mention all of that inspiring book learnin' and story readin' I did when I was there!

Here are some bits from my walk:
I saw a redwing blackbird!  You can't see from the photos, but it's epaulets were so bright!

I also saw a white swan diving for fish, fighting baby sparrows, and about a thousand robins.

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