Thursday, March 27, 2008


O.K., these colors always show up way too neutral when I post them up here, and it drives me berzerk.  So try to imagine them much brighter and more luminous!

Today, after a lot of staring, fussing, adding bits and dismantling other bits, I realized that I've been forcing this little collage much too hard.  I was clinging so tightly to the birdwoman idea, that I closed myself to other possibilities.  But no more!  A couple of little accidents led me to the current image, where this mysterious, ghosty girl whizzes through the pumpkin patch.  I'm going to add one more critter tomorrow, and then it's done!  This tiny painting has taken about a thousand years, but I really like it.  

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Hi Kaetlyn:

We met on Monday evening at the NOW Boston office. It was a pleasure meeting you and Adria. I really love your artwork, the detail you show on your pieces is amazing. I see your inspiration for the open bird cages comes from your bean plants.

Were you thinking of the ocean in your sold piece Sturnella Neglacta? Plus, in your untitled work with the screaming woman underneath the tree branch and bird's nest, with a picture of mom in the background? What is the young lady screaming about?

I also wanted to ask you if I could link your web blog to my feminist web blog and highlight you brillant art work and talent? I must say your artwork besides being very beautiful and creative just stirs my mind when I see the pieces. I plan to visit your art gallery in Watertown, MA. The portfollio was great but seeing this large pieces must be awesome. Have a nice day!
Pink Love,
George :)
Code Pink for Peace!

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Hi George,
thanks for the support! That was a fun discussion yesterday. In answer to your questions:

1) I was thinking of the ocean (among other things, including time and space) when I made Sturnella Neglecta. It's largely about the map I was painting on top of. The woman in the image was derived from a photo of my sister.

2) In that untitled piece the ghosty woman in the background was derived from an old photo of my grandmother.

3) The young woman might be screaming. Or she might be making a face. If you look close, you can see there's also a pea on her tongue. I like to make images that have endless possibilities, where several (sometimes incongruous, usually inexplicable) things might be happening at once.

I would be honored to be linked on your blog. Thank you very much!