Sunday, March 23, 2008

Still Plugging Away....

On Friday I began the cutting process for this collage piece.  

I played around with possible layouts for a while.  I like this one as a jumping-off point.  I've reached the hump where I feel like I have a whole lot more to do, before I feel satisfied.  My plan is to keep making stuff until some kind of accident occurs to resolve the piece in a surprising way.  I definitely want some kind of vegetation with the foxes on the right.  But what?  I like the idea of the more pumpkin runners.  I don't really like the big yellow dahlia in the left-most panel.  It's too flat and somehow corny-looking.  At the same time, I like the gesture of those tall flowers on that edge.  That spot is ripe for some kind of unpredictable, layered and sewn resolution.

I also sewed this snow bunting in place.

And stitched this drawing on top.

I worked more on these magnolias, all painted in gouache.

And painted this cut-out pigeon to sew on later.  I think I'm ultimately going to leave this piece whole, instead of cutting it into separate panels.  

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Charles said...

FYI, I totally love that panel with the pigeon and the flower. It has a wonderful feeling to it. I hope you don't chop it up!