Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I spent a significant amount of time last Thursday organizing my studio.  The clutter had become oppressive, and it was necessary to take action.  I even went through and sorted all of my photos!  I share my space with another artist, so things can get a little bit cramped at times.  But our studio is beautiful and light-filled, and I love it.  It's also kind of a fun challenge to find creative ways to maximize the space.  Here's a peek at my newly organized drawers:

so tidy!  I can finally breathe!

During my cleaning frenzy I found this snapshot of my mom and stepdad posing in their pumpkin patch.  I don't remember them intentionally coordinating their outfits, but it's definitely something they would do.  I'm going to add pumpkin runners to my new Birdwoman collage.

Here's a picture of Fred, the praying mantis that lived in the garden last summer.  He's perfect for my new piece as well!

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Friday making little micro-adjustments to bits of my new painting/collage.  I gave this rabbit more contrast and cut off his body:

I decided that I'm really in love with the snow bunting, so I tried to find a way to make it work:

This last one is my favorite.  It's so strange, and I think it successfully captures the moment of transformation I'm going for.  

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