Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Work and Long Walks

Yesterday I worked more on these:
I finished this one:This one is still in progress:

I've been enjoying cut paper wizard Jayme McGowan's exceptionally generous blog.  I love that Tree Top has allowed her to post glimpses of their ad campaign as her work progresses.  If I liked apple juice I would buy some of theirs during my trip out to California in July:)

Since Bikram Yoga is off-limits to me until early December (so as not to hard boil the spawn), I've been taking a lot of long walks around our hilly neighborhood for exercise.  Before now, my walks were about getting from here to there in a pleasant, airy manner.  But these walks are about seeing what there is to see, which I find not only pleasant, but also endlessly interesting.  I'm fascinated by people's living spaces and by tiny, short-story glimpses into their lives, so much so that I think I might be turning into a sort of speed-walking, eavesdropping, peeping tom.  Yesterday I caught a glimpse of an inside front staircase covered in decoy ducks.  And last week I saw a man's hand pulling a front door closed behind him as a child's tiny voice just inside the door was saying, "I had a great day at Donna's house!"


ArtSparker said...

Where in California (hint, hint)?

I am glad to see the return of the bird people.

See, if you are in my neighborhood, I could show you some assemblages, maybe we could do a trade...

In any case, Yes, the little glimpses and overheard bits are so wonderful.


Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

We'll be really close to where you are! We're flying into SFO, and then driving....somewhere....and going backpacking with some friends. As the plans come together, I'm going to try to work in a swing through Berkeley for sure.

ArtSparker said...

Cool, would be lovely to see you. I realized after I left the previous message that I might be pressuring you, so - no pressure. It's lovely if you find the time to stop by.