Thursday, May 13, 2010

Afternoon Trees

I worked more on these guys today.  I'm calling this group The Afternoon Tree Series.
I've been cracking myself up with the titles of the individual pieces: Muriel Among Magnolias, Rhoda With Rhododendrons, Dottie Up the Dogwood (that's where I start to cackle), and Louisa in the Lilacs
Here's a closer look at Rhoda.  I finished her today.  You might also notice some speckle-y evidence of my lazy photoshopping around the edges of the image.                                                                     
Hopefully I'll finish this group tomorrow.  Just as long as I can get my pesky eyes to stop constantly trying to close themselves while I'm trying to get things done.


ArtSparker said...

These are lovely, I'm still hoping you are putting together a collection of the earlier sepia pieces.

Katalin said...

I really like this series and the titles are fun and fitting!:)
The details in your paper cuts are just amazing and I love your bird characters..and how they are sitting on the trees.:)