Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We are almost finished moving, but I have just begun nesting!  Charley has never seen this domestic side of me before and appears to be deeply amused.  Speaking of nesting and birds, there are certain hazards involved when moving furniture with a pickup truck:
My bean plants are apparently on steroids.  I had this jumbo string bean for snack today: 
Just when I think that I'm thoroughly exaggerating the plants in my painting, their real-life counterparts grow bizarrely and one-up my imagination.

Usually I lay my big paintings on the floor and sit on them while I'm working, but yesterday I was painting with this piece propped up against the wall.  I was sitting really close to it, with a view kind of like this: and I had the feeling that I was about to fall right into the bean forest.  So yay, it worked!                

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