Sunday, June 1, 2008

Critters in the Vines

On Friday I de-installed my show at the public library.  Afterward I didn't have enough studio time to finish up the vines in this piece, so I played around and began adding some critters:This fox turned out to be proportionally bigger than a real life fox.  But I like him this way--I think his subtly larger size enhances the dreamy quality that I'm going for.  Here's to happy accidents!

I also added this huge luna moth to the top of the composition.  He's actually a paper cutout that I made a few months ago, when I was playing around with more traditional watercolor techniques.  I liked him in straight watercolor, but I ended up repainting him in gouache to better integrate him into this piece.  He's still not quite finished.  Right now he's taped to the painting, but I'm going to sew him on tomorrow.  I'm excited to use some stitching on a larger piece.  This kind of layering adds a really interesting new dimension to the landscape, and it feels like a nice, organic next step for me to take.

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