Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Today I repurposed some scraps of old paintings to make these business cards:

And I finished the vines and added some more critters in this piece:
I'm going to add more moths tomorrow.  I'm on the fence about the great horned owl that I began to add near the top left corner.  He's proportionally huge, which I like conceptually.  But I'm worried that his size confuses the perspective of the piece in an unappealing way.  Definitely something to sleep on.

And the cutest dog ever is visiting!  He wants to sit on my lap and lick my hands while I'm typing, which isn't really working for me.  So he's been relegated to the bed.  The plaintive staring is piercing my soul!

I made some little books on iphoto and they arrived yesterday!  I really like the way they came out.  Here's a peek (please excuse the hideous photo quality!):

I also had my opening at Jameson & Thompson tonight.  It was fun and I ate my body weight in grapes.  

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