Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bits of Things Floating About in My Head Today

Today I delivered work to my framer in Jamaica Plain.  I use Jameson and Thompson, and cannot recommend them highly enough.  In any case, my work will be hanging in their gallery space this month, as part of Jamaica Plain First Thursday openings.  So swing by on Thursday night, look at some paintings, and say hello!

I worked more on my bean plant forest painting today, and I expect to finish it later this week.  Huzzah!  

I'm also in the process of moving, which is a bit distracting (I'm so so so excited).  One of the reasons I've been able to survive as an artist for the past two years, is that my mom and my stepdad have been providing me with shelter (and supremely awesome home cooked meals) so that I could afford to rent studio space and quit my 50 hour/week job.  And it has been F-U-N, especially because my mom and I both snort when we laugh.  So as I prepare to leave the nest (again, and this time thank God before I'm 30) I've been thinking about all the friends and family, and soon-to-be-new-family that have helped me, and continue to help me pursue this crazy artist life.  And then I become emotionally overwhelmed, get all misty-eyed with gratitude, and space out in my studio.  

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