Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Idiom Earnest

I'm back in the studio with a vengeance!  I've finished the first of my Idiom Series for the Teeny Tiny Art Show.  The idea behind this body of work is for each painting to invite physical participation from the viewer.  Each piece will be mounted on the wall like a traditional painting, but with little lids and flaps and such that the viewer can open and close.  The text on the outside of the piece above reads, "Adventure on the High Seas: A Cock and Bull Story."  Here are some side views:
I got started on my next Idiom piece yesterday.  I recorded my progress throughout the day:
This one will have a lot of text.  In case you can't read my messy journal scrawl, this piece will read, "Although he liked them very much, Reginald felt a bit awkward among(st?) his new companions.  Whatever the occasion, he always seemed to be a little overdressed."  I need to refresh my memory when it comes to "among" vs. "amongst."  Can you guess the idiom that sparked the story? 


Valerianna said...

I guess I'm really bad at idioms!! I didn't get the last one, until you revealed it today, of course, I said.. now, this one.... haven't a clue - until you say it, then I;ll say, oh, of course....

And, they are GREAT! Love the first one - octopus tentacles creeping over the side.... love it.

Anya said...

Fish out of water??