Saturday, April 10, 2010

Slow Greetings
This one is almost finished.  I've just got to turn that guy in the distance around so he's peeking into the painting, instead of fleeing.  While I'm at it I'll make his tiny shell more beautiful.  

I've got a serious hankering for watercolor and gouache.  I always go back and forth between my media.  I get tired of one thing and switch, tired of the next thing, and switch.  Generally, I cycle between watercolor/gouache/sewing, collage, acrylic, pen and ink, and pencil.  I had some more acrylic pieces planned, but I've learned that with painting, things work best when I let my cravings guide me.  So as my forest creature series comes to a conclusion, I'm looking forward to splish-splashing in watercolor, and sculpting forms in gouache for a little while.  

I'm going to teach some private lessons at my studio this morning.  I have three teenage girls who come every other Saturday to take lessons with me.  These particular girls are so bright, good-natured, fun and creative, that I want to tap their parents' brains for future parenting  advice:  "How did you raise such a great kid?  Did she just come that way, or did you use some sort of magic system? How can I get one as nice as her?"

Here are some beautiful and inspiring things that I've seen on some of my favorite blogs this week:

This piece, most particularly, by Jenny at Yarn Soup.

This werewolf by Susan at ArtSpark Theatre.

Nick Sheehy's work, posted on Pikaland.  

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ArtSparker said...

I love the colors you have picked for the new piece. And I know that feeling of being pulled between media. Thanks for the shoutout.