Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Open Studios

Open Studios has come and gone.  It was a fun weekend, full of visiting family, friends and nice new people too.I spent all of last Thursday and Friday making my side of the studio presentable.  Hanging work (the super obsessive-compulsive way that I do it) is kind of intense.  But I always find it rewarding to see everything up all together.  It's also a good time to notice previously unseen connections--conceptual and/or visual.

When I have a show I hang my work much, much more sparsely than this, since there is so much going on in each piece.  But this weekend I chose to create a riot on my wall.

A lot of these drawings were illustration friday submissions.  Looking at them as a group and talking to visitors about them made me realize the crazy amount of inspiration that I got from participating weekly.  I'm looking forward to the summer, when my schedule will slow down a bit (sort of), and I can put an end to my IF hiatus.
Here's a rare, intelligible glimpse of our entire space.  Since I share my studio with another artist, it usually looks so cramped that a photo of it would just make your head hurt;)

And my little sister got engaged yesterday!  I can't stop smiling:)


Julia Kelly said...

What a fun event and your studio is wonderful, and congrats on your sister enagement.

Katalin said...

I really like how you displayed your artworks and it looks like a well organized riot! Your studio space looks awesome!...nice to have a big window with natural lighting coming in!
And I'm waiting for your return to Illustration Friday...your submissions are always a delight to see!:)

joseph's art and stuff said...

i'm jealous, i would love to have an actual studio space, and to be able to work around others must be inspiring. i have too many unmotivated spells, where a good kick in the pants would get me going. Keep on keepin' on!

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Having a workspace helped me tremendously when I made the leap from full-time nanny/weekend painter to full-time artist/art teacher. It absolutely gave me that kick in the pants that I needed. At first I sublet a tiny four foot by four foot corner in another artist's studio that was in the basement of an old school--in the old girl's locker room! It was pretty grimy and had bad light, but I didn't care! It was MY corner and I could get paint everywhere, and I didn't have to clean up before I went home. It really helped me get back into painting seriously.