Friday, April 23, 2010

Finishing Touches

Yesterday I finished my newest batch of egg paintings by attaching their hanging apparatus.  This process involves driving a big pin into the back of each egg and making it into a sort of big thumb tack.  I used to hate this part, and it used to take forever.  But I worked out a new system sometime last year that involves hammering a tiny nail in first.  I love to hammer stuff, almost as much as I love to work crouched in a ball on my studio floor.  I used to make all of my huge paintings crouched on the floor like this, but I stopped to save my back later on down the road.  It seemed fine to gnarl myself up when I was in my reckless twenties, but since I've entered my thirties, I've been thinking more about things like long term consequences.  I actually used to sit right on the paintings while I worked on small details.  It was dreamy, literally living in my paintings.  Egg-finishing day calls for a crouching revival.  And combined with hammering stuff, it's really rather delightful.  I'm a big proponent of simple daily pleasures.  Speaking of which, if you look close at the photo above, you can see that I'm wearing my Charlotte Brontë T-shirt made by Susan Sanford of ArtSpark Theatre fame.  

I hope you're having a happy week, noticing and doing little things you like too:)

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ArtSparker said...

There's a line from "My dinner with Andre", "I could always go live in my art. Glad my art is keeping yours company!