Thursday, January 28, 2010

Illustration Friday: Clumsy

Click on the image for a closer look.

The text reads:

Her new friend was so amiable and interesting that Margaret quickly saw beyond Emmaline's clumsiness, and barely even noticed the frequent appearance of her long, black tongue during tea.

This little pencil drawing is my submission to this week's Illustration Friday theme, "clumsy." My posts have been sparser than usual lately, as I clear away some cobwebs and adjust to some new things. I'll be starting all kinds of juicy new projects next week and will have many more good things to share;)


ArtSparker said...

Oh, I would lovely to have tea with Emmaline.

dthaase said...

Oh my this is so wonderfully bizarre and amazing - I love it - fantastic work!

Larien said...

I brought a little book to work to share with my young coworkers. They were fascinated with it.
I always think of Gorey when I see your animal characters, and your texts are so similar to quiet yet so uproariously funny!

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

thank you! He is one of my heroes, for sure:)