Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Never Knew!

I've always kind of dismissed Audubon's paintings because I thought they were sort of boring. But that's because, until yesterday, I'd never seen these:
Shenanigans galore!
I photographed all of these images from The New-York Historical Society's John James Audubon: The Watercolors for The Birds of America.

This morning at school I slipped and fell on the snow pack. It was truly spectacular: a plow truck driver stopped to let me cross his path, and as I stepped gingerly out in front of him, SWOOSH! Down I went, flat on my back. I kept sliding for a few feet after the initial impact, and did a sort of half-turn, spinny maneuver with my legs in the air.


ArtSparker said...

One thing I don't miss in California.

Aren't they something, The Audubon paintings, they are so detailed and yet the space the birds exist in is sort pre-renaissance, not enirely convincing as three-dimensional

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

That's such a perfect way to describe them. Like they flew right out of a Botticelli. Ooh! That idea gives me excellent goosebumps!

Julia Kelly said...

Hope you are ok! I love the Audubon illustrations in that they reflect a time- pre photo- when aritst were trying to capture the natural world- though romantic ideas did get in the way! then when the camera was in issue- such ideas slowly died out and well- we had art for art sake- this is very simplified of course.