Monday, January 4, 2010


Winter is being beautiful this morning:
Don't the plants look happy?

Here's how this is coming along:
It's bizarre to work on summery scenes this time of year. Especially when things like this are happening outside:
My worktable faces our great, big window, so that even when I'm looking down at my work, I can still see the snow swirling around out there.

We put our tree up late this year, so we're not tired of it yet. I remember what Camilla Engman wrote last year on her blog: "It's so nice to put it up and it is always such a relief when it's gone." Out of all of her beautiful posts, isn't it weird that that's the one I remember well enough to quote? But it's so true. It's like having a beloved guest stay for a few weeks--you're so happy to see them and spend time with them, and when they go home it feels so nice to be by yourself.

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ArtSparker said...

The long, long thoughts of winter.