Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wintery Things and More Eggs

My attempt to embrace winter continues.  If I could see anything (anything at all) without my contact lenses, this nifty ice sculpture would be the first thing I would see every morning:   
It makes me wonder a little bit about the state of our gutters.  But our landlord recently commented on the gutters, and knowing that he is aware of the situation frees me to embrace the aesthetic awesomeness of our giant icicles.

The other morning I went snow shoeing in the park behind our house.  I saw lots and lots of animal tracks; little mice had been skipping across the snow, rabbits had been hippity-hopping between the trees.  But I chose to capture these exotic dog tracks:
What can I say?  I liked the composition.  And they could be coyote.  A REALLY BIG coyote (for the Northeast anyway).  
I have nothing against the name Phyllis, but this rock always cracks me up.  To me Phyllis is a gentle, older lady, with a soft, cottony white halo of hair.  Add a can of spray paint and a rebellious streak, and I chuckle.  I can't help it. 

I have two new photo albums.  They were a steal on Ebay.  Here's a little peek:

I've been working steadily on a new group of eggs.  (The goldfinch on the left was a commission).  I'm working on a new installation of these guys for our faculty show at the Arsenal Center.  They're just so darn addictive.  

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