Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today I created a ribbon fiasco in my studio.  There is currently a web of ribbons and strings stretched across my side of the room, hanging and looping from the beams and duct work.  It's a setup for my next painting.  I was careful to contain the mayhem to my side of the room, but I'm still sort of hoping my studio-mate steers clear of the studio this week.  She might get tangled.
I've been working through some ideas for a new series of larger watercolor and gouache paintings.  I'm an avid journal-keeper.  My journals are kind of ugly and utilitarian--a kind of mad, stream of consciousness scrawl.  But I love them anyway, and try to pizzazz them up with purple sparkly gel pens.  I have friends who keep gorgeous journals.  Sometimes I get a little bit covetous and try to make mine beautiful too.  But then the journal becomes all stilted and loses its function for me.  So in the end I always revert to the mad scrawl.  

I traded Deb some of my painted eggs and got the two paintings on the left in return.  The two on the right were wedding presents.

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