Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've been delving more into my egg portraits:
I like this little guy, holding his tongue (and beak for that matter), but thinking exclamatory thoughts.  !  Sorry about the blurry photo.  I was rushing!
I'm feeling like my blog has been too "me, me, me," lately.  I want to be a more generous blogger.  So here is tiny little list of some others who, me, me:

Camilla is a wonderful Swedish artist/illustrator with an amazing web presence, including her gorgeous website, blog and flickr sets.  Her work is incredibly quirky and ambiguously evocative.  I can't get enough of it.  She is also a very generous blogger, sharing beautiful bits of inspiration and linking to all kinds of delicious morsels.    
Laura is a Boston area sculptor and installation artist.  Her work is the embodiment of my three criteria for great art*: head, heart and hands.  Head: there are intellectual ideas and principles behind her work.  Heart: in addition to feeling intuitive and authentic, her objects and spaces are clearly labors of love.  Hands:  her crafts-woman-ship is just dreamy.  Laura recently had a show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery, that I was lucky enough to see.  FYI, photos don't so her work justice.

*Normally I would urge you to take any kind of criteria that I make up with a grain of salt, except that I didn't make up the head, heart, hands principle.  It was actually introduced to me by Robert Schelling when he was my sculpture teacher at Wellesley.  And Robert was such a lovely, generous and thoughtful teacher that it would be just silly to dismiss his thoughts on the matter.

I discovered Cary Walker's blog last week through her Etsy Shop, which I found by happy accident.  Cary makes little woodsy felt objects which are, quite simply, crafty-delicious.  I might just get one to tide me through the rest of this winter!

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