Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Next

Yesterday I finished this little series of white egg portraits.  Out of the (roughly) 30 eggs I've painted so far these are my favorites:After I finished the eggs I wasn't sure what to do next.  I had two bright, white, primed panels glimmering dauntingly at me from across the studio.  I avoided them by making this tiny little doodle:  
It's a lesser goldfinch dreaming of faraway places.   

This morning I still wasn't sure what to do next so I made this little warmup painting:

The bird's coat is inspired by the one worn by the littlest boy in this photo (a gift from my down-the-hall studio neighbor):

The people in the picture looked sadly stiff to me, so I decided to loosen them up by giving them singing Warbler heads (obviously):And this will be my starting place tomorrow.  I can tell I'm onto something because this image is making me giddier by the minute!

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