Monday, July 14, 2008

Just a Little Update

I worked on this little guy today and expect to finish him tomorrow.  I was loving the summer evening light and shadows on my studio floor, so I included them in the picture. :)

I've been playing around with the arrangement of my giant bird-on-house series, and I think nine is the magic number.  Four more to go!  

On Friday I took high quality digital pics of my latest completed work, and it feels so, so, so, so good to be finished with this latest batch.  I even corrected the colors and backed up the files already!  In a perfect world I would employ a team of magic elves to take care of all of these pain-in-the-butt parts of my art life.  

Here's a glimpse of one of my classes from last week:
It's kind of hard to see, but all of the kids are behind the theater, holding up their puppets.  They were my dream group of kids and the memory of their positive energy completely makes up for the screaming banshee child with whom I've been blessed this week.  

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