Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Next

I always experience a little lull after a show opens.  Pushing to complete a body of work, packing it up and shipping it off is both cathartic and scary.  My studio is virtually empty--a deliciously blank space full of endless possibility.  There are no loose ends trailing anywhere.  I'm ready to begin something totally, wonderfully, brand new.  At the same time, I always experience an absurd little pang of fear: what if that was it?  What if I never come up with any new ideas, and I end up working in a bank or something equally horrific?  This back and forth between excited anticipation and worry results in the lull.  Luckily, during this lull, I had a commission to work on, and an ever-growing fascination with my unborn child's new little post-meal dance parties, to pull me through without too much fretting.  I can't show you the paintings I've been commissioned to make, since they're a surprise.  But I have figured out where to begin my next body of work.  Here's what I've been looking at and thinking about:

Things with compartments and "doors," like this little card box I've had kicking around in my studio, holding my thumbtacks for a few years.

Narrative forms that open and close, like books, and specifically like medieval illuminated manuscripts.

And altarpieces.  Altarpieces are big with me right now.  


ACrumpledWhisker said...

One more bit of possible inspiration springs to mind: books that have the pages cut away to hold an object in said book. No idea if that helps - but that's what I thought of while reading this.

Valerianna said...

oh yes.. I know that post show moment SOOO well! Its a great and a daunting moment. I just found your blog, enjoying your work... I'll spend more time exploring soon. Are you painting on Ampersands panels?

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Thanks for that bit of inspiration Jamie:)

thank you for visiting:) I'm painting on Elephant brand panels from artist and craftsman supply in Central Square, Cambridge. They're not quite as precisely square and as perfectly crisp as Ampersand boards, but they're terrifically inexpensive and very sturdy. Personally, I like the little imperfections offered by the Elephant boards. They feel more homey to me than Ampersand. Here's a link to them online if you're interested: