Sunday, June 27, 2010

I like this painting so much better as a physical page, as an object that you can hold in your hands, than as the digitized image from my last post.  I'm thinking about a limited edition of little handmade books.

Here's a little preview of the next page.  It will be a little while before I get to work on this more.  I'm going to be teaching full time this coming week, going on vacation after that, and then teaching full time for four more weeks.  

Lately I've been fighting hard against the fact that my mind has been flitting crazily, uncontrollably all over the place.  But I had a little epiphany yesterday during my prenatal yoga class.  Instead of fighting against my absent-mindedness, I just need to accept it and work with it to get through it.  (Labor metaphor, anyone?)  This is such a basic yogic principle, and I've always thought that I understood it, in a "yeah, yeah, I get it" sort of way. But in the context of being pregnant (which is a particularly physical context), I actually, really, truly get it.  So far (in the last 24 hours, anyway) this approach has been working, and I've stopped feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated.  I allowed myself to nest all day yesterday in completely superfluous ways.  And I allowed myself to enjoy it.  I can't explain why I needed to sweep the attic, but I can tell you that it gave me incredible peace of mind.


Michelle said...

It does look much neater on the page than the computer monitor (even though I'm still seeing the page on the computer)

How did you come up with such a great image, starting with just the one word? Or did you have him in mind first?

Debby said...

I LOVE Great Uncle Archie! Oo, can you release the story in installations, like a Dickens novel? We're all waiting to find out what happens next!

Anonymous said...

Amazing idea Debby! I'm also incredibly curious about what (or who...) is lurking out in the topiary. AND: I think sweeping the attic is as lovely a past time as any, dearest. Peace of mind comes in many packages. -M