Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our neighborhood was looking awfully pretty today in the early morning light.  Even though I kept my own name, I still feel a bit of Able pride every time I catch a glimpse of Charley's name thingy hanging in our window.  Although he made it as part of some sort of mechanical engineering soldering assignment in college, I like to think that it shows a little bit of an artistic side glimmering underneath all of his (admittedly indispensable) pragmatism.  Notice how it's perfectly balanced?  

I finished this egg series today:
This whole project was a nice, juicy 2D design puzzle that made me giddy in a freakishly geeky way.  The most challenging part was color.  The family who commissioned this piece chose a wonderfully motley group of birds to represent themselves.  And with that motley group came a set of givens that resulted in a complicated color conundrum (for those alliteration lovers out there).  Whenever I resolved the overall color relationships for the entire series, the local relationships would break down, and vice versa.  At one point I got the whole thing to work by painting the space behind the hyacinth macaw a pale pink.  But the macaw represents a six year old boy.  And in my experience, six year old boys often take offense to being associated with pink.  But I think I got it right in the end.  

I like them arranged like this on the wall:And here are some close-ups:


Cat B said...

ABSOLUTELY fabulous! Every family should have a set of eggs like this! And Charley is very able, I must say.

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Thanks Cat! He is able, isn't he? His youngest sister has the initials: I.M.Able. His parents couldn't resist!