Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Fretful Day

Yesterday was a fretful day.  You know the kind of day where everything, when you add it all up together, just seems like a bit much?  Well yesterday was that kind of day for me.  So I decided to put the brakes on my ongoing spree of focused productivity and just make stuff.  Totally self-indulgent stuff.  I rifled through the loose bits in my studio.  I keep them in this box:
And added them into this visual journal that I've started keeping:

The following page from The Tale of Peter Rabbit is left over from grad. school.  My master's thesis was an installation entitled, Peter Rabbit meets the Pink Prom Dress, which consisted of seven paintings, a dress suspended from the ceiling, and a row of Beatrix Potter's illustrations lined up and velcro-ed to the wall.  (I promise that it made sense at the time.)  Wherever Peter's blue coat appeared in the  illustrations I sewed my own little felt blue coats.   


Cat B said...

Oh, that journal looks so FABULOUS!! An art piece—I want to see!

Debby said...

Agreed-- that journal is gorgeous! Reminds me of Griffin & Sabine but even more sumptuous. It should get its own blog! :)

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Thanks guys! I haven't read Griffin and Sabine, but it's on my list!