Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a whirl-wind week...and it's only Wednesday!  I always end up cramming during the lead-up to a show.  Last Thursday I wrote about how I was hoping to accomplish more than what seemed humanly possible.  (For me, since I'm slow.)  But Huzzah!  Sure enough, last Thursday I actually managed to finish everything I was hoping to finish.  And I am therefore not all that delusional.  I made this piece:

I had already stitched the fabric, and thought up the basic concept.  The thinking part is always the thing that seems to take forever.  But nonetheless, finishing this made me feel extraordinarily productive.  Something to show for all that thinking.  

I also made this egg, a tiny commission for a friend:
It's a present for her beloved, and it's part of a pair:She picked out the egg on the right from the ones I'd already made, but we couldn't find one that looked like her.  So I made the one on the left with her in mind.  It was fun to flip through my field guides looking for her alter ego bird-self.  In real life she's always creating things, so I made her bird-self creating a song.  Both of these are up in my show.

And I finished this piece.  It just needed a bit of refining.  

On Friday, I hung the show.  And everything came together even better than I had hoped.  I'll take some pictures at the opening, which is this coming Friday from 6–8pm, at the New Art Center, in Newton MA.  The opening coincides with Opening Lines, in the Main Gallery, which is a big (and impressive!) group show.  

Yesterday I made this egg:
And started this piece for Body and Soul, a Benefit for Aid for Cancer Research at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston.  I'm thinking about the body and the soul in terms of heredity.  What we get from our parents, what we pass to our children, and what we hope for them.  I think this is a legitimate interpretation of the theme....

I've also been dreaming about snails....(wink* wink* to Steph and Richard)....more on that week at the latest.  ;)


Cat B said...

Can't wait to see the show, Kaetlyn! We love your work!! I'm also secretly relieved to learn that everything takes you longer than you think it will. It makes me feel so much better!

Adria said...

I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful work. It has a magical quality that takes me back to my childhood. Congrats!

PS I can't wait to get *my* eggs!

PPS Yes, your interpretation for the Bromfield is fine!! Anything that goes - tangentially, literally, whatever, is fine. There will be many interpretations of this topic. Thanks for participating.

Debby said...

YESSSSS!!! I get a shout-out on your blog! And a link! Oh, this feeling of glory knows no bounds!