Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Show and Other Bits

Here's a little virtual tour of my current show at the New Art Center in Newton, MA:

Yay!  They're all sold.  Almost all.  There are still two left.  I think I did a good job pricing them accessibly.  In a side note, I think I need to work on my photo skills when it comes to 3-D objects. 
The opening was a success!  I had a great time with friends and family, met a lot of new people, and even sold quite a few pieces.  Thankfully!

Here are some new eggs.  The one on the left needs a little more work.  I want to make a Huge installation of them next time....a whole wall full.  
I also made this egg last week, a birthday present for Debby:
I made one for my oldest, and very dear friend Mary too, to thank her for the song she sang for us at our wedding.

And here's my finished piece for Body and Soul: a Benefit for Aid for Cancer Research at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston:


Richard said...

It was great to finally make to one of your shows. The work was beautiful.

Keep it up, Kaetlyn!


Cathy B said...

Congratulations, Kaetlyn! It's an absolutely fabulous show. Everybody should see it! I love the idea of an installation of eggs...beautiful!

Anya said...

Wow, Kaetlyn! It looks great in your pics! Hopefully I'll be able to make it up in the next couple of weeks to see it in person.


Cary Walker said...

those eggs are a amazing! great blog;)