Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snail, Light, Food

I started working on this commission.  It still needs a lot more work:
I've been getting up earlier than usual.  I love our kitchen in early morning.  Today it's cold and snowy light, but yesterday it was bright and sunny:This looked good, so I made it, but with fettucini:

I've actually had time to cook this week, since my show is up and the opening is past.  
Early morning light on carrot peels is very nice:


Richard said...

The painting great, Kaetlyn! I love the flowers growing her path.

Your photos are so nice, too. Great color of light, and nice depth of field. What kind are you using?

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Hi Richard,
I'm glad you like Ms. Snail. I'm happy with the way she's coming along.

I use a Canon digital rebel with a 28mm lens. I only have the one lens, which is great for taking photos of my work, and also for playing around with portraiture and still life shots. But it's not so great for nature-in-motion photography. Have you ever seen a relatively clumsy individual trying to sneak up on a bird or a chipmunk? A zoom lens is right at the top of my wish list!

Richard said...

I knew you HAD to be using a better camera. I've had my little dinky digital camera for about a year now.

It's has a limited lens on it. I miss using my film camera, for which I have several lenses, including a zoom lens! You're welcome to borrow it.