Friday, July 23, 2010

IF: Breakfast

A super quick, early morning, last minute sketchbook drawing for this week's Illustration Friday theme, "breakfast."  The caption reads, "She was known far and wide for her insatiable appetite."  I had planned on a more abundant breakfast table, but I've got to get to work, and I think the double entendre works well enough with a sparser spread;)


Marcus Mientus said...

mmhhh bagels!
a real good one (the sketch!)
i started to draw ms. hepburn (breakfast at tiffanys) but unfortunately couldn’t get it finished in time.


Amalia K said...

Her face expression is priceless... Great sketch, Kaetlyn! :)

tanja said...

thanks for the process pic too - always interesting. great expression, and like the varied tones, with the figure darker, a copperplate effect almost.

Julia Kelly said...

wonderful- pretty impressive right before leaving for work!

ArtSparker said...

Lovely gem.