Sunday, February 14, 2010

Painting Withdrawal

Last week was filled with a lot (a LOT!) of learning about computer-related things and very little art-making.  My rather hasty Illustration Friday drawing and this little sketch of our dvi cable were the only pictures I made all week.  Although the dvi cable drawing was purely functional, I'm still counting it since the guys at the Apple Store appreciated it so much.  
Next week will be completely devoted to teaching kids at the Arlington Center for the Arts School Vacation Program and waiting breathlessly for my monitor calibrator to arrive in the mail.  So I'm gearing up for another light studio week.  But I know that the wildly creative kid energy and the spirit of collegiality at the ACA will help fill the void.  

Baking helps too.  I liken it to a sort of methadone for painting withdrawal.  I made orange cupcakes to bring to a dinner party: 
And I'm making bread today:
So that should take the edge off a bit;).  Also, Masterpiece Classics is on tonight.  And that is an antidote for any ailment.


Anya said...

Is that No Knead Dutch Oven Bread, by chance? ;)

Julia Kelly said...

I totally know what you mean- when I am really cranky and look back over a week and realize that very little time was spent in the studio!Also rushed home from hike today and checked to make sure that Masterpiece Theater was on- PBS has a great website and live streaming and have been rewatching Emma in the studio this week- plus a lot of other great programming- a 3 part series on American Crafts is really cool!

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

So nice to know I'm not the only one:) I LOVED this new version of Emma. What did you think of it?

And Anya,
my mom will be so disappointed, but no. I kneaded the crap out of these loaves;) But I am using my dutch oven to make lentil soup right now, so you can get a chuckle in about that!

Julia Kelly said...

I liked the MPT Emma- and can't wait for tonights Northenger Abbey- getting my daughter hooked-course my husband goes to a different tv!