Thursday, November 12, 2009

Illustration Friday: Blur

gouache and watercolor on paper

This week's topic made me think of the way the landscape streaks by when viewed from the window of a moving car. When I was little, that blurring effect was my gateway to imagination. As a spacey, daydreaming kid, I liked the way car rides provided a time and space where I could watch three worlds magically overlap: the outside landscape, the reflection of myself inside the car, and whatever images happened to occupy my thoughts that day.

I have to confess, this image looks a heck of a lot better in the photo than it does in real life. It was a bit of a wild rush job;). I don't like to plan my images too carefully, which certainly keeps things authentic and interesting, but also has a tendency to produce mud now and then as I struggle to resolve the picture. This little painting is definitely one of my muddier creations. But I like the idea behind the image, and now that I see just how I want it to be I'll be able to recreate it in a way that makes sense technically.


Freid said...

I like it ! :)

translucentblue said...

Wow, this is fantastic! I love how images blur in together and form layers of colour like that. Thumbs up!

Larien said...

When I first look at it, all I can see are the trees. They really give the feeling of me moving past. And then I see the foreground...the face, the lights...very nice.

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...