Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I added these yellow and orange leaves to this painting last week. At the time I wasn't sure whether they completed or destroyed the piece. But after a few days away from it, it feels resolved enough for me.

Here's an updated detail of my owl painting in progress. Although this piece is #3 on my current list of priorities, I had the time to play around with it yesterday while I was waiting for priorities #1 and #2 to dry.

This painting has a lot of new and unfamiliar features for me, so I've been letting it percolate for a long time while I work on other things. I'm glad I had that little window of time to sit down and give it some focused attention yesterday. I feel like I made some good breakthroughs. Ultimately, this will be part of a pair that includes a view looking down through the trees.


Katalin said...

I absolutely love how you did the night sky on the owl painting!
It's funny...I am also working on an owl right now :)
About your other work..thanks for sharing the story behind it, it's very touching and I'm glad you got back to do paintings.Otherwise we would have to miss out all on the beautiful art you do! I like the way you did the leaves, but I find the colours too strong and I feel it takes away from the birds and the girl, which is my favourite part in the piece.The way I interpret your painting...for me the birds taking a flight means taking chances in I liked how they were more of the focal point of the piece before.
Anyhow, it's beautiful and most important that you are happy with it.:)

Andrew W. Moir said...

These pieces are great! You have a lot of well-done and interesting art and stories here. :)

Cat B said...

The leaves are brilliant. The orange works so well against the blue. Cannot wait for the owls!

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Oh, wow! I really appreciate all of this feedback:) Thank you all very much!

Shirley said...

Wow, your work is stunning..I am so impressed with your egg series..and I love the details you've added (the notes) to go along with them. Also, your "Frozen" IF entry is beautiful as are many of your pieces...I am a fan! : )