Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is Charles Maximus Horribilis: He lives over my husband's desk, and we point to him whenever either one of us is being unnecessarily cranky. I originally created him to serve two purposes: as an example for a watercolor class I was teaching at the time, and as gift to Charley, to pull him out of a bad mood. He's a sucker for anthropomorphic animals, particularly if they're looking petulant. Well, I posted Charles Maximus Horribilis today because he's the perfect illustration of my own mood last week. I was sick. I was too busy. And I was cranky. I didn't really make anything worth mentioning in the studio all week either since I spent all of my non-teaching time working to take decent pictures of my children's book illustrations. And while this activity is certainly a benign one, it left me feeling a bit creatively stifled. So away I go this morning to work on a new painting. I'm thinking about owls.


Who Elsa? said...

Write a story about this guy! I can totally picture sitting in your living room cracking up as Charley cracks up while reading it aloud.

(I love the picture, btw. The expression is great!)

Who Elsa? said...

I had a dream about Charles Maximus Horribilis last night. Seriously.

He was just an "extra" I was walking past on my way to attempt completion of some dream tasks. When I caught a glimpse of him, I did a double take because I recognized the sneer. "that's him! that's him"


Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Elsa! That made me laugh so hard that I fell right out of my chair. Especially the double take! I can see it so clearly!

http://krickelkrakel.wordpress.com/ said...

wow, what a great watercolour piece!