Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Magic(ish) Egg

I made this golden egg for the Icons and Altars show at the New Art Center. I like the idea behind the piece, and how it fits into the theme of the show, but somehow it's execution fell a bit flat. It doesn't feel as magical as I hoped it would, and I won't feel good about submitting it as a representation of myself and my work. So I'm going to make something else for the show instead. Maybe a grouping of tiny golden eggs as opposed to the one big one. This particular egg is significantly larger than ones I've made in the past, and I think that maybe my eggs don't scale up well. It appears (paradoxically) that tininess is an even bigger factor in their appeal than I realized. ;)

1 comment:

Larien said...

She's a Canadian Goose! I love her :)

I can see what you mean about the littlest ones being so attractive treasures, curiosities.