Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've finished my page 2-3 spread. Blogger absolutely murders the colors, but you can see a more accurate representation here.

I've had the best animal-filled week ever–a truly fantastical menagerie.

On Wednesday I spent time outside with "Mischief" a very friendly little cat who lives in our neighborhood. I don't know his/her real name, but Mischief definitely fits.

On Friday I had a lovely time drawing Tiger the guinea pig with one of my private students. Tiger was a fabulous model who sat fairly still, uncaged, in the middle of the dining room table for the whole hour-long lesson.

And yesterday, while I was working at my studio I had the opportunity to meet a very cute goat. Apparently the goat performs some role in the current New Repertory Theater Company Production, Mr. Roberts. Our studio hallway serves as a backstage area for the theater, and during the production the little goat was bleating VERY loudly now and then from the confines of his/her crate. I hung out with the goat for a bit and the company seemed to cheer her up considerably. I was told that she is a 4H animal being raised by a girl, and that she is therefore comforted by female voices.

Yesterday afternoon, when Charley and I arrived at our yoga studio, we were greeted by our instructor's ridiculously adorable Pomeranian puppy, Ollie. During the entire 90 minute class Ollie waited patiently outside the glass doors of the studio, watching all of us gasping and sweating all over the place, and striking his own super-cute postures.

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