Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Studio Update

This week I've been busy finishing up my Teeny Tiny Sparrow Series. I've been sewing paper for a while, but this is the first time that I've stitched snowflake patterns like the ones above. I like them. They're simultaneously familiar and mysterious, which is my favorite duality.

That little group of stars in the center of the blue thread pattern is the Hercules Cluster. It makes me want a telescope.

I'm experimenting with more affordable framing because, as my husband points out, I'm not a non profit frame reseller.
I was using Jameson and Thompson in Jamaica Plain, and as much as I LOVE them (great people, super, hand-crafted frames like buttah (that's "butter" with a Boston accent)) I really can't afford them at the moment. Also, I know someone trustworthy and artistically talented who works at Big Picture Framing in Cambridge. I still can't decide if I made the right choice regarding the matte color, but that would fall under that pesky category: my fault. The work that the framers did, on the other hand, is unquestionably great. The piece is beautifully floated, very sturdy and archival. Also, the turnaround time was lightening fast and the people were nice. Even more importantly, there is a cute dog roaming around the shop and one can pet her while choosing one's frames.
Now I'm working on another series of eggs:

The other day I was organizing my storage space, and I came across this unfinished monstrosity. I decided to see what would happen if I whitewashed over it:
I like it much better now. I might try some subtle drawings on top of the white.

And don't you feel bad for this guy?
Yesterday I showed this picture to Deb and she said,"Oh my God, she looks like a man!" When I showed it to Charley, he said, "Hey, they're like us! He looks so benign, and she's thinking about all of the things he should be doing instead of just screwing around." Does this mean that our newlywed phase is officially over?


Meghan said...

The snowflakes remind me of when we were little and would cut out paper ones to put in each pane of the dining room window :)


Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Oh Megs, I LOVED making those snowflakes. I'm relieved to know that you have fond memories of that too, because I remember being fairly bossy about those kinds of projects....But I suppose when compared with the stories I told you about the witch in the woods bossiness seems like one of my kinder, gentler older sister behaviors.