Monday, August 10, 2009

The Inspiration Delay/Sneak Attack

Today I stitched these forms onto the corner of a painting.
It was one of those intuitive choices that just seemed like the right thing to do. And then I looked up at the wall directly in front of me and saw these:I bought them about 9 months ago because I was thinking of snowflakes and spider webs which, in turn, made me think about doilies. This kind of thing always reinforces my belief in the value of spacing out.


Larien said...

Hi there, besides a crazy summer~my computer was attacked by spyware for a while...but now I am back~phew!
I am extremely attracted to paintings that are mixed...words, drawings, glued on bits, and oh!!!! sewing!!!! I love it!!! It isn't an easy thing to accomplish. There has to be subtlety in the piece that is being added and having the stitched parts in the corner, seemingly out of sight, adds so much interest.

aghunter said...

Love this! So unexpected and rather evocative!

Cat B said...

Ooops—the last comment was by me and not aghunter! A gremlin has been into my computer!!

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...

Thanks ladies! Cat--watch out for that gremlin! And Larien, I'm so glad you're back! I was getting a little bit worried about my favorite Canadian art blog buddy!