Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is Self-Satisfaction A Bad Thing?

I can't believe it's only Tuesday!  I feel like I've been unbelievably productive lately, and it's definitely because I've been more disciplined about getting to the studio earlier.  It is so hard to leave the house in the morning.  The dust bunnies taunt me from their corners, the laundry beckons.  It seems so logical: more hours worked=more accomplished.  Nonetheless, I'm feeling a wee bit self-satisfied with myself and my productivity.  Is that so wrong? 

Here are some new details: A bird dreaming of his beloved.  I hadn't noticed before, but I think this is actually a same-sex bird romance.  Maybe their marriage was affected by prop. 8.  I'm holding out hope for a Supreme Court Repeal!  
And I worked on my protagonist some more.  And added some misty watercolor trees in a kind of field design across the whole picture plane.  I've worked on the ribbons, the birds, the branches and the long, long braid as well.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've worked on everything.  

Cat Bennett, by studio neighbor, has been making these gorgeous little painting/drawing/collages over the past couple of days.  They're simple and perfect.  Like ciabatta and butter (It's my favorite food, I gave it up for lent and it's killing me).  The tininess of Cat's paintings, coupled with the way in which they are a departure for her, inspired me to make this tiny drawing/painting of my own:
This image has sort of been lingering in my imagination for a while.  I hadn't thought to put it down on paper, because it seemed complete when it was in my head.  But this way I can share it, and you'll know what kinds of things I think about, and how truly weird I am.

The opening of the Arsenal Center for the Arts Faculty Show is tomorrow evening.  I have to teach in Arlington, so I will miss most of it.  Here's a little peek at some of the work I have up in the show.  I'll take some more pictures tomorrow so you can see what my colleagues and friends have been up to as well.

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Cat B said...

Well, thanks for the kind words and you should be very satisfied! Your painting is so full of mystery and feeling, one of those pieces that I keep thinking about—a rare thing! I keep thinking how perfectly it evokes a state of girlhood—the ribbons, the hair—such preoccupations as a girl walks forward in a world that's mysterious, beautiful, and full of darkness and light. Can't wait to see the finished piece!