Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the past year or so I've been thinking about getting into some illustration work, and for the past few months this idea has been tugging on my sleeve somewhat incessantly.  So I set aside two weeks to put a portfolio together and get it out to publishers.   I wanted to make and send something that would excite me, if I got it in the mail, so I decided to present my work in little accordion books.  I'm still working on them, but so far so good.  

Last night was my last meeting with my Monday adult drawing class.  This particular group was a teacher's dream; they worked so hard and came so far in such a short time.  They inspired me every week.  Here's a peek at what they worked on last night:

This self-portrait made by one of the kids in my Monday afternoon class is also inspiring me:

I spent the weekend in Baltimore, visiting my lovely and hilarious sisters-in-law:

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Cat B said...

Your accordion book looks fantastic. I would hire you the minute it arrived on my desk! Love your student's drawings, especially the amazingly evocative self portrait. Wow.