Thursday, December 4, 2008

Open Studios

I apologize in advance for this lazily written entry!  I'm!
We had open studios today at the Arsenal Center for the Arts.  I put some work out, newer and older.  And I was relieved to see that even with all of the different media, and the widely varying scales and changing palettes, everything somehow, miraculously works together.

And it was very nice to chat with people about the work.  And of course it's always nice to get some pats on the back. ;)

Here's a peek at what I'm working on:
It still feels very unfinished and kind of ugly, but it's all about experimenting!  I like not knowing where or how this will end up.

And before I drop like a stone into bed, I just want to share a picture of my latest culinary success story:
My new favorite thing is consulting the butcher.  
And I'm in love with this dutch oven, which was a wedding present from my dad's dad.

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