Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm feeling a bit euphoric this week

Yesterday was the most perfect day.  At breakfast the sun came through the windows and made my pumpkin spice coffee taste extra delicious:
And then I was crazy productive all day, running errands and teaching classes, checking things off my to-do list left and right.  It was such a nice, warm, blue-sky day that I even ate my lunch outside.  And while I tried very hard to feel bad about this evidence of global warming, it felt really, really nice.  Better than a massage.  There were tiny bugs flying around, and those little helicopter seeds twirling out of the trees, all glittering in the afternoon light.  It was so lovely that it was almost stylized--like a scene from Pushing Daisies (must watch!).

And you won't believe what I found at Whole Foods:

That's right!  My very own pitcher plants.  

AND....Charley came home from visiting his parents in Montana.  Interesting how my euphoria coincided with his return....

Was I moping?!  

Ew, I apologize!

Anyway, today I made this Cedar Waxwing as part of my Bird Menace Series:
I thought he was finished when I left the studio, but now I think he needs just a bit more work.  He's looking a bit wooden.

While I was busy moping (I'm putting "get a life" on my to do list right away), I forgot to post this finished version of my Bird Menace blue jay:

Sometimes, having to park all the way up on the roof of the parking garage has its advantages.  Like today:
Today was fairly perfect too, now that I think of it.  

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