Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Nesting, Part Deux

I am in love with the sugar bowl that I bought at anthropologie last weekend:My stepmom won the Fiesta Ware cream pitcher and the little blue tray at an auction, but the sugar bowl was missing from the set.  I wasn't even thinking about trying to match everything when I bought the sugar bowl!  I do believe in fate.  

It's Renaissance Week at the Arlington Center for the Arts, and my middle school students are making letters inspired by medieval manuscripts.  Did I mention that I LOVE medieval manuscripts?  And yes, it is a love worthy of bold, capitalized italics.  In any case, I made these letters for our house while the kids worked on their projects:

In other news, it has been a month of awful car luck in our house!  The saga is long and not very cheerful, but the end result is that we are picking up our new car tomorrow, and the insurance company has been very slow about towing away the old one.  Which is currently parked in the street, it's sad rear end all mangled.  And it's license plates have been mailed to the RMV.  And the keys have been Fed Exed to the insurance company.  And a neighbor called the police, who paid us a little visit last night at 11:30pm.  Because apparently it is illegal (who knew?) to park a car in the street without plates.  And even after the whole scenario was explained, including 1) the imminent arrival of the scheduled tow truck, and 2) the impossibility of pushing the car, given the wheel lock thing-a-majig, the police still insisted that we move the car immediately.......

Oh, I have become very cynical over the past few days. 

Needless to say, the car remains in the street.  But the insurance company did promise that they would take responsibility for the car if it's impounded, so I feel like we won at least an itsy bitsy tiny victory today.  Huzzah-ish.  

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