Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't recommend the kind of reckless devil-may-care approach to baking that resulted in these:
Now if there's one thing I like to do in the kitchen, it's experiment.  But to experiment on cupcakes is downright irresponsible.  It might even border on heretical.  

I DO recommend marrying a man who will run BACK to the grocery store at 9:30 pm to acquire those little cupcake paper thingies.  This kind of heroism not only expresses his commitment to you, but perhaps more importantly, his commitment to cupcakes.   

The postcards for my show arrived the other day, and almost immediately upon their arrival I also received the press release via email.  Apparently at some point someone changed the dates of the show and failed to let me know.  The show is going to be up from September 1st–October 18th, and not August 29th–October 3, which are the dates that I had printed on one thousand postcards.  This wouldn't seem so bad if it weren't for the following additional horror:
That's right.  Kaetlym.  You can email me at kaetlymwilcox@yahoo.com, because apparently that's my email address.  

The images on the front look really good though.  I'm getting much, much better at documenting my work, which makes me a little bit giddy.  

In other news, it seems that I'm not immune to the following two things after all: 

1) cavities

Yes, it is the end of an era.  After almost three decades of pristine teeth, I have been diagnosed with my first two cavities.  Sigh.  

2) bride stress

My emerging wedding mania has successfully been nipped in the bud, but all of the phone calling, online searching, venue visiting and number crunching was definitely starting to consume parts of my brain that I need for other things....Like painting, blogging, and (apparently) correctly spelling my own name (see above).  So we had a family meeting, and Charley is going to be in charge of wedding planning for the next few days so that I can un-obsess. 

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